Tour Cusco Puno By Bus

From $ 50.00 Per Person

Tour Cusco Puno Bus or Route of the Sun is a great option to visit through the tourist transport that connects these two great tourist cities of Peru, Cusco and Puno.

Cusco Puno by Tourist Bus lasts 10 hours of travel, where we will have the opportunity to stop and visit the tourist attractions that are on the Cusco Puno route, among which we have the Andahuaylillas church that is considered one of the most beautiful in America, The Inca city of Raqchi where we can find food deposits from the Inca period and also the sacred temple of Wiracocha.

The border of Cusco and Puno is called La Raya Pass where we will stop and appreciate the snowy Chimboya and the great work of the local artisans who offer their work in this place.

In Puno we will visit Pucara, which is a pre-Inca archaeological center, where we can see pre-Inca squares, roads and ceremonial centers. Pucara is also known for the artisan works and the traditional Toritos de Pucara that has an interesting history.

For most tourists, Cusco Puno Bus is the best option because it connects two important cities Cusco and Puno, we visit the tourist attractions that are on the route and above all it is much cheaper than Air transport.

Tour Cusco Puno Bus or Route of sun route, starts at the private terminal located on Av 28 de Julio R-2-1, for a better orientation take as a reference (Av 28 de Julio paradero Segundo antiguo).

Travel time from Cusco to Puno is 10 hours. You can visit the main tourist attractions of the route in addition to having a lunch buffet at noon.

Cusco Puno by Bus is your best option, come and enjoy this great experience through the Peruvian Andes, visiting remains of great American cultures and wonderful natural attractions.

Bus Full Day: Cusco to Puno

6:40 Boarding Time:

Check-in of boarding pass and check-in of luggage.

7:00 Departure from Cusco:

We start sun route, keep in mind that the bus departure is at the exact time, and take the forecasts of the case.

8:10 Temple of Andahuaylillas:

This tourist attraction is one of the great expressions of colonial art, the temple of Andahuaylillas is considered the Sistine chapel of America. Here we will have approximately 35 minutes guided tour.

10:20 Raqchi (recount of the God Wiracocha):

This is an Inca archeological center, the most important located in the southern area of Cusco, it has important Inca precincts and also with large food deposits completed in the Inca era. Here we will have approximately 45 minutes for a guided tour.

11:30 Buffet lunch:

We will enjoy the local cuisine, with inputs from the region, here we will have approximately 50 minutes to enjoy the lunch.

13:00 La Raya:

This place is the highest point which we will cross in our south of Puno to Cusco Bus, in addition this is the limit between Cusco and Puno, here we can appreciate the snowy Bomboya, and the work of local artisans. Here we will have approximately 10 minutes to take pictures.

14:30 Pucara:

It is a lithic museum that has the remains the Pucara culture, here you can see some lithic steles, in addition to truncated pyramidal constructions. On the other hand, artisans offer the famous bull of pucara, which is very traditional to see on the roofs of houses. Here we will have approximately 35 minutes for a guided tour and free time.

14:55 Kalasaya:

This was a ceremonial and social center that belonged to Pucara culture, It has 3 sunken ceremonial squares in U shape or Hardware, stands out among them with a truncated pyramidal construction, we can also see stone sculptures that represent beings mythological.Here we will have approximately 15 minutes for a guided tour and free time.

17:30 Puno:

We will arrive at the Peruvian folklore capital Puno, we will arrive at the Puno land terminal.

  • Professional drivers.
  • Professional Tourist guides.
  • Service on board.
  • Buffet Lunch.
  • Traveler kit.
  • Oxygen.
  • Wifi.

  • Entrance Tickets to the Tourist attractions (Andahuaylillas Church, Raqchi, Pukara)
  • Breakfast
  • Accommodation
  • Extra expenses
  • Pick up/drop at your hotel.