Pucara is a district that belongs to the province of Lampa in Puno region, it is located 108 kilometers from the city of Puno, and the altitude is 3,879 m.a.s.l.

Before arriving to Pucara from Cusco we visit the La Raya Pass Cusco Puno, this is the limit of both departments, it is also the point of highest altitude 4 335 m.a.s.l.

Pucara is an archaeological site, like Raqchi Ruins, that keeps inside its area remains of the pre-Inca culture PUCARA, which is characterized by having adapted to the adverse geography and climate of the highlands, Pucara culture left architectural manifestations that can be appreciated in the lithic museum.

Among the main tourist attractions, there are 3 precincts or temples with their own characteristics, They have the shape of U letter or a hardware, They are built with stone slabs typical of the place of white and red, of these three highlights the main square that has a rectangular shape, we can also find funerary enclosures, steles, and more.

The inhabitants of Pucara are also recognized artisans, proof of these is that for many Pucara it is the land of the Torito de Pucara, these bulls are created based on clay with their own techniques, the inhabitants of the Andean area place a pair of bulls on the Roofs of their houses as a form of protection and prosperity.

If you have more time to visit this place on your own you can visit the Church of Santa Isabel typical of the colonial era, in addition to the Plaza del Torito where we can see the sculpture in large size and its evolution over time.

The vast majority of visitors want to personally feel the techniques of use, process and design of the bulls of Pucara, for this there are craft workshops where you can create your own piece in clay, this is a unique experience and there is no better way to have teachers or guides to the local artisans themselves.

Do not forget to visit Cusco and all its tourist attractions, Cusco Information is as great as that of Puno.

Pucara land of the toritos, and the Pucara culture awaits you with open arms, be part of this great adventure.